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About Klementa

Klementa, the traditional Croatian boat, built back in 1909. is an ideal boat for your trip. Travelling with Klementa provides a certain amount of the historical boat trip atmosphere into the unknown.

Travelling with Klementa provides a certain amount of the historical boat trip atmosphere into the unknown. The stay on board is adjusted to the time in which it was built. It can accommodate a maximum of 12 people. The boat is consisted of two living spaces, kitchenette and two toilets. Boat Klementa is not consisted of guest rooms/cabins; it disposes with one common dormitory. In this way greater unity and communication among the passengers is achieved. Our passengers, if they wish so, can become crew members and participate in all daily activities on board.

The boat is customized for those guests who plan to get involve with any fishing or diving activities. There is enough space so the boat can be adapted for different needs and requirements. Croatia disposes with one of the most beautiful archipelagos in the world. Adriatic coast with over a thousand and two hundred islands, islets and rocks represents a unique and extraordinary archipelago. Crystal clean sea, untouched nature, historical monuments that date back to ancient times and even further back. Many nauticians evaluated the Croatian archipelago, along the Caribbean, as one of the most beautiful sailing and boating areas in the world.

During the ''consumption'' of your vacation there’s no need to rush; it should be done slowly, relaxed and without tension. You can enjoy in the unique atmosphere of the islands and bays, welcoming and hospitable locals, delicious coastal cuisine, local wine, dance and song, or in the silence of calm bays. Also you can visit many cultural and historical sights, museums, galleries, cathedrals and much more. With our help you can plan a detailed trip and avoid unnecessary and unpleasant situations.

Tell us your wishes and needs so we can arrange a special itinerary for you.
Depending on the agreement we are ready to teach you how to manage the boat, dive, fish and prepare fish and other specialties, show you the real beauty of the Adriatic and its warm and hospitable people. Our crew knows the Adriatic, its inhabitants, their customs and their history.

A good ship with a trusted crew is the guarantee for a pleasant voyage!